Kentico MVC Boilerplate

Kentico MVC Boilerplate

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This is a Kentico 12 MVC starting point repository.  You can download it from GitHub and start your Kentico 12 sites.  It has all the basic starting blocks needed to leverage Kentico's Page Builder, and some helpful tools, Libraries, and widgets/editors.

This is meant to be a community driven project, so if you have a useful widget/editor you wish to contribute, you may, or some functionality that really adds to Kentico and is generic, please feel free to create a new branch and pull request your features in!

Change Logs
Bug Fixes
  • Updated .gitignore to include 2 media folders needed to build Kentico solution and ignore webfarm sync file on MVC Application
  • Added Kentico Authorization Attribute to enable authorization on requests using all parts of Kentico (User, Role, Module Permission, Page ACL)
Initial commit, Boilerplate includes:
  • Page Builder Enabled, OWIN authentication enabled
  • Helpers to query Pages, Data, and get Environment Information
  • Home, 404, Login pages
  • Dynamic Routing
  • Sample Widgets with Inline Editor and Widget Form Component
  • Examples
Download Kentico MVC Boilerplate

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