Relationships Extended

Relationships Extended

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When it comes down to it, much of Kentico is about relationships.  Child pages, categorization, related pages, we leverage all of these things in order to link one object to others.

However, Kentico's default tools and interfaces have something left to be desired.  This toolset fills in all those missing gaps and provides you with UI templates, form controls, helper macros and classes to relate Pages, Objects, and Categories together in any way you wish.

  1. Edit Relationship UI allows relating pages to each other with either a Content Tree or Uni Selector, and has a full range of validation and limiters to ensure users only select the pages they should in a relationship.  Ordering supported!  Additional Related Pages (RE) form control to allow you to add related pages to your Form tab with more control over what users can relate.
  2. Edit Categories allows you to use Kentico's Taxonomy to add structured taxonomy to your pages and objects, also in a handy Tree or Sortable list.  Buit in Node Categories and support for Object to Categories.  Also has the Advanced Category Selector to do the same on the Form tab
  3. Edit Binding (Tree+Ordering Support) allows you to manage many to many relationships between your objects and other objects.  This now has Tree Support so you can bind custom objects to your Tree Nodes, and has built in Ordering support for ordered many to many relationships.
  4. Slew of Macros to handle Many to Many relationships and taxonomy where condition filtering.
  5. Helpers to make enabling Staging tasks on your custom classes and relationships super simple!

Full Documentation can be found here, and a full guide can be found here!

Demo code files and samples can be found with the download links below:

Kentico 10 Code + Documentation
Kentico 11 Code + Documentation
Kentico 12 Code + Documentation

Change Logs
  • Major Bug Fix: Null reference in IsStagingEnabled caused staging tasks to error out.  Replaced method of detection of if Staging is Enabled to a more stable method and added an exception catch so it won't block things in case it ever does throw an error.
  • Republished due to EnsureForeignKey Query on CMS_TreeCategory didn't package up properly on Kentico 12
  • Fixed Tree/Uni Selector Where Condition bug
  • Added Staging Feature check so works on Free/Basic versions
  • Added Edit Relationship Property "Remove Sub Trees with No Selections" for Tree Selectors
  • Failed to include the custom Web Parts in with the x.0.8 nuget package, re-craeted nuget packages to include the needed web parts that the 3 UI Templates use
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