Transformable Web Part

Transformable Web Part

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A normal transformation takes an object on the tree and allows you to transform the object's values in a Transformation.  This tool takes the Properties of your web part and allows you to transform these values in a Transformation.

Simply Clone, add your custom properties, and create your transformation, and you're set to go!  Also supports "Multi Row" logic and skipping rows with missing data.

How to use it in the "Documentation" tab of the Web Part.  Enjoy!

Change Logs
  • Adjusted the CacheItemName so a Transformable webpart that existed on a copied page would not have the same CacheItemName as the one it was copied from.  This resulted in Transformable Widget/Webparts showing the incorrect content in this scenario.
  • Fixed bug where Transformable webparts could not render when used as an Inline Widget (Kentico does not provide a WebpartID, or Webpart Name to the webpart in this situation).
  • Added field "WebpartCodeName" so users can set this value for widgets to counter the bug.
  • Converted Transformable Web Part to all versions 8-10
  • Fixed caching bug
  • Added logic to convert Duplicated Web Part Properties into "Rows" for Transformation
  • Created Transformable Web Part
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