Universal Api Viewer

Universal Api Viewer

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This functions similarly to a Custom Data Source, however incorporates classes and structure to be able to define Parent-child relationship, as well as gets Kentico to think that the data coming back are “Page Types” so you can define your hierarchical transformations based on that set Page Type.


  • Convert external APIs and handle them as if they were Kentico Pages/Objects.
  • Hierarchical Transformation and normal Transformation fully supported.
  • Order By and Where conditions supported for the API results.
  • Select Top N, Skip N, and Select Top N Level supported to allow Pagination / limiting.
  • Works with the Webpart to API Converter tool (Additional Custom Web Part in Marketplace)
Change Logs
  • Converted to Version 8, 8.1, 8.2
  • Created Universal API Viewer
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2395 days ago

Anyone checking this out, there are some bugs i found that will be corrected in version 1.2 whenever i get around to it, but some of the TopN SkipN logic needs to be adjusted, along with an addition to allow you to have a single sub-child instead of a list of sub children UniversalAPIViewerObjects. Plus working on better integrating with built in pagers.