Web Part to API Converter

Web Part to API Converter

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This web part converter allows you to:

  • Turn a Smart Search results into an API for “suggested search” results.
  • Turn a  Repeater/Hierarchy Viewer into an API to retrieve objects in JSON
  • Turn a  Custom Table Repeater into a queryable API or XML feed.
  • Turn a  an Events Repeater into events subscription page or event file (ics)

Kentico has many great tools that allow users to display their web content in many different ways.  However, there lacks a way to leverage this to create Web APIs.  This web part converter bridges that gap, by allowing you to select a Web part on a page to act as an API.

Included is a Page Type (WebpartToAPI.SampleTransformations) that contains sample transformations for Repeaters, Hierarchy Viewers, Event Lists, and Smart Search Results, and documentation describing configuration.

Change Logs
  • Fixed bug where it could not render Cached Web Parts
  • Fixed bug where it would break if you set a cache on the Converter itself.
  • Converted to all versions 8-10
  • Added "Export as File" Capabilities
  • Created Instructions on how to utilize for Ical feed/files along with helper functions
  • Converted to 8, 8.1, 8.2
  • Created Webpart to API Converter
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