Azure Functions is a nifty little tool that allows you to run basic functions for extremely low costs, with the ability to scale up and down easily.  If your request stays under 100ms and 128mb of memory, it hits the ‘lowest’ cost of $0.0000002 each request, or roughly 5 million requests per $1.

If you are hosting your site and database on Azure, and your web application is taking a hammering because of a handful of APIs, you are faced with either scaling up/out your entire web app ($$$) or you could offload those APIs to Azure Functions instead.

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Most developers who have worked in MVC are probably used to the normal structure of projects.  Controllers go in the Controllers folder, Models in the Models folder, Views in the Views folder.  And most developers who have worked in MVC long enough, also are probably used to the annoyance of having to hunt through the Solution Explorer to find all the corresponding models for the controller, the views you are working on, and scrolling up and down on large projects.  This article shows you how you can take back control of your project structure!
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If you're new to Xperience 13, and wanting to know more about .Net Core capabilities, benefits, and what tools are out there, and what the heck I've been doing for 6 months, continue reading!
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In the previous article, we set up a base, empty Kentico MVC site, hotfixed it, and installed various tools that we will be using to build the actual website. In this article, we will finish configuring the MVC Site, and add in base elements that all MVC websites have.  This article documents the open source Kentico 12 Baseline repository.
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Many may be wondering what I have been up to the past couple months, my blog posts have dried up and the elusive Part 2 of the Build a Kentico site in 24 hours has yet to appear.  Sadly, this is not Part 2 of that blog series, but I do want to give an update on what is all been happening and what activity has occurred.
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Building Sites in MVC can be a daunting task.  Many expect it to take double or more time than a normal portal engine site, however with new tools and helpful systems, I plan on showing you how you can build a simple MVC site, using Kentico, in under 24 hours.

This first part covers the first 4 hours of the build: Getting your environment set up, your Kentico site installed, and your tools installed and configured.
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Part of what makes any CMS worth its salt is the ability to extend its functionality.  Kentico has done this through Global Event hooks, which allow you to intercept and modify the behavior of the internal workings at certain key points.

If you are creating a marketplace submission, or even an internal module that you plan on using on multiple sites, global events are probably something you’re going to benefit from.

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What, you thought I was done with Dynamic Routing?  No way!  My previous Dynamic Routing system was only a stop gap, allowing only NodeAliasPath routing, and a rather clunky redirection system.  After 80+ hours of work (and 20 some from fellow Kentico enthusiast Sean G. Wright), we present to you the fully integrated and optimized Dynamic Routing plugin!
Posted: 11/12/2019 7:06:43 PM by Trevor Fayas | with 2 comments

Caching is a big part of website performance.  In Kentico Portal Engine, we took caching for granted, and adding the Cache Keys, Durations, and Dependencies were a breaze.

Now we are in MVC, and Caching is a little less intuitive.  This article discusses a new set of tools I created for you to make Caching in Kentico MVC smooth.

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Kentico has had a Marketplace for a long time, longer than I've been working with Kentico.  The Marketplace has been a place to share useful tools and components with the world.  In this article i'll describe two tools to help you get started with your Kentico component submission.
Posted: 7/31/2019 11:11:48 PM by Trevor Fayas | with 0 comments

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