Important Bug Fix: Bootstrap Layout Tool

No one is perfect, and although i try to make sure to catch and fix bugs before launching, sometimes mistakes happen.

In revision 3.0 of the Bootstrap Layout tool, i cleaned up the div structure to remove some items that were not needed, so it would render with just the rows and columns needed.  I also added a Margin to the design mode to prevent overlap issues.

However, sadly, with this clean up of the div structure, i missed removing 1 of the old div tags in the header.  This meant that in Design/Edit mode, there was an unclosed Div tag, which for the clients that had this bugged version caused issues with saving, issues with moving widgets, and visual rendering.  The output was correct, as the bug only existed in the Edit/Design mode, but still this was a big issue.

I've updated all 8-11 and submitted to the Marketplace, it should be replaced probably before May 1st, 2018.  If you need this fix sooner, just tell me, it's removing 1 Append() line (usually line 499 on version 9+, 8-8.2 may be one or two lines off from there.

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