Azure Functions is a nifty little tool that allows you to run basic functions for extremely low costs, with the ability to scale up and down easily.  If your request stays under 100ms and 128mb of memory, it hits the ‘lowest’ cost of $0.0000002 each request, or roughly 5 million requests per $1.

If you are hosting your site and database on Azure, and your web application is taking a hammering because of a handful of APIs, you are faced with either scaling up/out your entire web app ($$$) or you could offload those APIs to Azure Functions instead.

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Most developers who have worked in MVC are probably used to the normal structure of projects.  Controllers go in the Controllers folder, Models in the Models folder, Views in the Views folder.  And most developers who have worked in MVC long enough, also are probably used to the annoyance of having to hunt through the Solution Explorer to find all the corresponding models for the controller, the views you are working on, and scrolling up and down on large projects.  This article shows you how you can take back control of your project structure!
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