The Cross

Faith in the One who Saved Me

The biggest part of who i am is my faith in Jesus.  My wife and I are both born again Christians and love the Lord with all we are.  We both have been saved by his sacrifice on the cross, where he took our sin penalty upon himself, taking the wrath of God in our place, then rising again 3 days later.

Along with being a Christian, I'm also an apologist (no, not someone who says "Sorry" about everything).  An apologist is someone who earnestly contends for the faith.  I try to be the one who when asked a question, i've prepared ahead of time to give a logical, clear answer.  It's from this that my confidence in Christ has grown, as the bible has been proven time and time again to be inspired by God.  My favorite area of study is Prophecy, as the bible itself has thousands of prophecies written in detail, ones in which can be historically verified as both occuring, and occuring after the predictions were written.

My wife and I both are evangelists, we go out with other faithful brothers and sisters in Christ to spread the good news of salvation to any who would hear.  

If you don't know Christ, or aren't sure if the Bible is the true religion amongst all the others out there, please feel free to contact me.  If you're too shy to, another great resource is