My Home Life

Aren't you the little stalker?  Just joking of course, I've been blessed with an excellent life and not afriad to proclaim it!  

I'm married to my wonderful wife Casey, whom i met online.  After some online dating long distance, she moved up to Wisconsin and lived in my parents (while i was in an apartment) until I finished college and got a job.  We married very shortly after that and have enjoyed wedded bliss for over 6 years now.

We live outside of town in a little farm house.  We're both a bit old fashioned and enjoy things like raising our chickens, gardening, canning, and having company over.  2017 we're planning on getting some honey bees, and 2018 we're hopefully going to get some milking goats.

We have (aside from our chickens) 2 cats (Joe and Dakota) and 1 dog (Ginny).  Below are some pictures of the Fayas Homestead!