My Work Area

My Working Mindset

What is a working Trey? How does it move and why does it do what it does?  This may seem a strange way to start out an introduction to my work life, but it's a question i'm asking myself right now.  Oh sure it's easy to describe what i've done in the past, and indeed i will, but i think is more important is to try to convey how i work and why.

I would say that I have a very unique way of doing things.  I take work very much like a puzzle, and as i learn new tools and resources, my brain integrates all the different solutions and tactics to solve these puzzles faster and faster.  Although a bit of a fault, i'm often finding solutions to problems as they are being explained, and then making adjustments as new details emerge.  

I pride myself on my speed of work, while not neglecting attention to detail.  I also try to find unique ways of solving problems that still adhere to best practices and are flexible and maintainable for the future.  It's easy to create something custom that can't take change, it's easy to create something custom that is super flexible but not easily managed, but finding the best of both worlds is golden.

Work Timeline

Here is a brief overview of my career timeline and key moments.

  • Freelance Web Work

    During highschool i took every computer class i could, including html/css/javascript.  I started working with some local businesses part time building small websites.

  • Built

    As one of my hobbies, i created a Sonic the Hedgehog based comic strip daily, and used the new Html/Css/Javascript knowledge to create my first version of my comic.

  • College Years

    College started, a semester at the University of Tampa, then the rest at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay.  Although starting my college career with a goal of getting a Psychology degee, later i switched gears to Computer Sciences.

  • More Web Work with Programming

    As I continued in my computer science classes, i always took special interest in web based classes.  I rebuilt my site to be completely dynamic using PHP, along with continual freelance work building websites for various local companies.  

  • Graduation and First Career Job: Manitowoc Foodservice -

    I graduated College and was hired at Manitowoc Foodservice to be their Web Marketing Coordinator.  My role was to manage the website (which was built on a custom CMS platform) and to continue to extend functionality.  Over the years I continued to grow my XML/XSLT, jQuery, and .net knowledge.  I created new tools for the existing CMS, new systems, API integration, and tackled whatever was thrown at me.

    I am still the builder and maintianer of Manitowoc Foodservice's website to this date, which is now on Kentico.

    Manitowoc Foodservice - 05/01/2010
  • Avastone/Heartland Business Systems -

    On the 15th of October I left Manitowoc Foodservice to persue a career with Avastone Technologies (now Heartland Business Systems).  I was placed in the Web development team and began learning Kentico, the awesome platform that I have come to love and adore.  During the years here i have built dozens of websites, from small sites to extremely complex and large sites.  

    I am still employed with Heartland, and continue to develope new sites and systems to fulfill our customer's dreams.

Web Languages
Content Delivery Networks

Content Delivery Networks

I've worked with a number of Content Delivery Networks in order to get client websites moving faster, including popular ones such as Cloud Flare, Azure CDN, and Highwinds.

C# / VB.Net / Asp.Net

My primary language is Microsoft's ASP.Net framework.  I have coded in both C# and VB.Net, however C# is my preferred language.

Cascading Style Sheets

Working on websites requires CSS knowledge.  I'm proficient in both basic and advanced CSS usage and familiar with latest CSS3 tools.


Almost goes without saying, yes I know Html.  Hard to be a web developer and not!
Javascript jQuery

Javascript, jQuery, AJAX/JSONP

I've worked extensively in web user interfaces, which means i've become proficient in Javascript, jQuery and many plugins/libraries.  I've also done a lot with AJAX calls with various API interfaces, and JsonP as well.

JSON, Xml, Xslt

I've created and consumed APIs in both Json and Xml, and also have dealings with XML transformations using XSLT.  


Oh, Kentico, how I love thee, let me type the ways.

But seriously, Kentico is my main developing platform, my joy, my love, my passion.  Over the years working in it, i've explored, disected, and extended almost all aspects of this platform.  It has yet to fail me.

MS Azure

MS Azue

When it comes to cloud based services, Azure is where a lot of our clients have gone recently.  Although Azure really encompases a great deal of individual services, i've operated in the primary ones.  Infrastucture as a Service, Web Apps, Azure SQL, Azure CDN, etc.

Model, View, Controller

I've worked on a number of web-based services and tools that utilized MVC so i am well aquainted with the structure and usage of it.


Since Kentico is run on T-SQL, I've come to learn more and more about this database language in order to fully utilize kentico. 
Visual Studios

Visual Studios

When doing custom development, i work primarily in Visual Studios so i am familiar with the tool and it's capabilities.